New Zealand Rugby is committed to promoting responsible and respectful behaviour and ensuring that people feel safe when interacting with people involved in Rugby. NZR has established an independent complaints management service (ICMS) which is designed for complaints relating to inappropriate or objectional behaviour from anyone involved in Rugby. It will allow complainants to contact an independent person who will assist them in resolving their concerns.

Complaints can be made to the ICMS about:

  • unethical, dishonest or illegal behaviour
  • harassment (sexual or otherwise)
  • bullying
  • misconduct
  • health and safety risks
  • unlawful discrimination
  • offensive / insulting language or behaviour

Note: This complaint process does not apply to any on-field conduct during a match, refereeing decisions, selection decisions, eligibility, and behaviour by members of the public (e.g. fans in a crowd) who are not connected to Rugby playing administration. If you wish to comment on the above matters you can do so by contacting or your local Provincial Union.

The ICMS is an independent service operated by Dyhrberg Drayton Employment Law. People wishing to come forward can either complete this form, email or phone 0800 246 643. Completing this form is anonymous and untraceable unless contact details are included.

Any information shared with the ICMS lawyers is held in confidence and will not be shared with anyone, including NZR, unless you consent to information being shared.

Fields marked without an * are optional, however, without this information, your complaint may not be able to be fully investigated or resolved.

This form will be submitted to Steph Dyhrberg and/or Angela Williams for assessment.

NZR Complaints Form